Miserable weather makes exploration challenging on Lake Washington.

Yesterday Puget Sound Divers hit the water in an attempt a dive on the shipwreck of Minesweeper YMS #3. After waiting for a wind break and predicted 12 hours of calm the team headed out.

MarcWaiting.gifMarc Greenway - waiting for a break in the weather.

ShaunMoreCoffee.gif Shaun hasn't has his coffee yet.  If he only knew how exiciting his day as captain would be.

Unfortunately, surface conditions did not improve in the wind sensitive location of the YMS #3. After hovering over the site for more than an hour the team moved south down the lake to attempt some side scan imaging while waiting for a wind break.

Weather3.gif Maybe we should have waited longer!

Several new images were obtained of previously identified potential targets however, attempts to improve imagery and shadowing of YMS #3 was not to be. The images obtained were all of poor quality and do not show the details we were hoping for.

Stay tuned for a series of side scan images to be posted later.