Shaun Gardner & Bob Bailey earn Trimix II certification.

After successfully completing their last certification dive both Shaun Gardner and Bob Bailey earned their NAUI Trimix II certification. Their class was taught by Scott Christopher also a founding member of Puget Sound Divers and owner of Sound Aquatics LLC. Both divers are active members of Puget Sound Divers and each has extensive wreck diving experience in the Northwest.


Shaun staging equipment.

Today Shaun led the dive to 225fsw for a total time of 15 minutes. On the ascent Bob called deco while Scott watched over the team. Just before the first decompression stop at 70’ Shaun shot a small SMB for Ben Griner to find them and drop as their safety diver. The dive was conducted at Mukilteo State Park which is a current sensitive dive site. All divers on this dive dove DPVs due to the overall length of dive as well as mandatory decompression requirements in the face of a potentially tight slack window. As it turns out there was mild current below 20’ which picked up at the 20’ stop due to wind driven currents but remained easily manageable.

Bob cleaning-up gear

TrimixIIBob.gifTrimix blend for this dive was 16/50 with a two bottle decompression with 50% O2 at 70’ and 100% at 20’. With this final certification Shaun and Bob are able to fill any percentage of helium and dive hypoxic blends. Having Shaun and Bob able to participate in deeper exploration significantly improves Puget Sound Divers abiliy to put larger teams on some of the deeper wrecks.

Due to the depths dove and the frequent nature of decompression required diving, Puget Sound Divers requires members to dive Trimix and to dive like mixes. If interested in this training please do not hesitate to send the team a note. Team member Scott Christopher is increasingly being recognized as the Northwest’s leading technical instructor.