PB4Y uphill scan in Lake Washington showing the hillside topography.

This scan was taken much like that of the 520 vessel #2 image. The side scan unit was placed very close to the bottom and turned up to allow the capture of as much of the hillside as possible. This image shows the shelf contour as it drops from 80’ to 200’.


For those of you who enjoy scootering this wreck from shore these images should give you a good idea of your navigation. Our team often scooters this wreck as the shelf allows for a comfortable and natural decompression. We are using a 70’ single 50% bottle for this dive and ratio deco with our clock starting at 80’. This profile gives plenty of time on the wreck.


If you have not been to this wreck by scooter please note that this plane is nearly a half mile from shore and there are gentle cross currents in this area.  Should you be forced to do an open water deco you will certainly be a long way from where you want to be. Measure your burn times ensuring your buddy can tow you home (or at least up the hill to deco). Attempting a swim from the plan back to the 70’ mark will extend your bottom time beyond the capacity of your 50% bottle.