YMS Minesweeper #1(416) in Lake Washington

This minesweeper has been badly burnt. The entire upper structure is largely missing or has fallen through the decking. Puget Sound Divers has made 7 successful dives on this wreck which sits at 200’. On the most recent dive Ben Griner and Shaun Gardner dove as a team and Marc Greenway and Bob Bailey dove as a team. Marc and Bob spent 20 minutes on the wreck and Ben and Shaun spent 25 minutes. Visibility was unfortunately poor for this dive but most of the wreck was explored. Great care should be exercised when swimming over the decks as it is very easy to swim through or under objects and collapsed decking.


This dive should certainly be done at least once but with two other minesweepers in Lake Washington it is certainly more interesting to dive those.

300px-Yms324.pngClick here for more information about the YMS Minesweepers and this photo.