Wreck dive on the YMS #3 Minesweeper

This Saturday our team dove on the YMS #3 Minesweeper. The conditions were about perfect for this dive with a calm surface. Ben Griner and Shaun Gardner descended to 200’ and tied the drop line into the wreck. A total of 30 minutes was spent on this shipwreck with exploration priority defined prior to the dive. Despite several dives on this shipwreck identifying markings have yet to be found. The stern deck was explored first with evaluation of one open hold for equipment. YMS3-60feetTwoScreensCrop.gifA second hold was not explored on this dive due to excessive free floating line. We will plan penetration of this area on a later dive. Using care to work around fishing net draped over the cabin structure and partially blocking a primary entry point the team explored the cabin area as well as some second deck rooms. Several items were noted for future exploration for identifying markers. On this dive examination of several equipment items was a priority. A generator contained several intact metal labels however; we were unable to gain enough information to assist with narrowing the equipment to a specific vessel.

Greg Wilson graciously volunteered to be our safety diver on this dive. On the surface Scott Christopher acted as captain. In all, the dive was successful. Ben experienced as failed dry glove and experienced some flooding but stayed reasonable warm. Total dive time was just shy of 80 minutes and temperature at depth was 42 degrees.