Thank you to our safety diver Greg Wilson!

A key element to successfully executing exploration dives with significant decompression requirements in the safety divers. The safety diver does the hardest work but doesn’t get to dive the wreck. As you can imagine it can be hard to find safety divers especially one that can meet the expectations of our team. We have been very fortunate to have Greg Wilson diving with us on the last several exploration dives. Greg is an accomplished tech diver to the 150’ range and as such has the skill sets to manage multiple decompression bottles and expertly hold deco stops for the exploration team.Greg%20Wilson.jpg  Greg is also the owner of Eastside Diving Company a top notch NAUI training organization.

Our team uses the safety diver to set visual depth during decompression while team members are working on equipment, writing notes between each other and to communicate any changes to the decompression schedule to the captain on the surface. This is exceptionally helpful in limited visibility environments and in situations where you are essentially holding position in green water while working on tasks that may make monitoring depth gauges difficult. In these situations Greg holds his depth and sets a visual hold line with his light. This allows everyone to maintain strict stop holds and requires a great deal of trust in our safety diver. This is all in addition to carrying back-up decompression bottles managing empty bottles and being ready to catch the wet notes if someone should accidently drop them while playing tic-tac-toe.

Thanks Greg!