Video Survey Dive of the PV-2 Harpoon in Lake Washington

Scott Christopher, Geof Corriveau, Greg Wilson and Ben Griner dove the wreck of the PV-2 Harpoon in Lake Washington today. This plane crashed nose down and embedded its nose in the mud leaving the plane positioned vertically in the water. This plane also has its anti aircraft guns intact. The tail section of the plan has fallen to the side. There is some question as to when and how this occurred. Some speculate it was ripped off by people attempting to hook the wreck for fishing or diving but another possibility is that a large amount of air was trapped in the tail section. This theory could support why the plane sank perfectly nose down and eventually the pressure from the trapped gas was too much and broke the tail free.


Greg Wilson approaching the top gun turrent

Scott and Geoff ran the search line and tied into the wreck with Greg and Ben following so that Ben could get as much video time as possible. This plane is virtually black underwater and its skin reflects little to no light. On this dive I swan the search line and saw the reel tied into the bomb rack and it took a minute to click that the wing should only be a few inches from me. Sure enough I had swum nearly have the length of the wing with it no more than 6-12 inches from my shoulder. This kind of thing can make diving in Lake Washington a little creepy.