Side scan imagery of the PB4Y Privateer in Lake Washington

Below is an image of the PB4Y Privateer resting in 154 feet freshwater in Lake Washington. This plane is notoriously hard to get a strong or clean image on side scan. In this image you can see the planes profile with enough detail to see the step up for the cockpit as well as the shadow of the planes elevated wing. The bump you see on the planes top over the wing is actually a reflection of an engine housing on the far wing.


The side scan actually picked up the hand reel we left hanging on the drop line following a recent dive here.  We try to place our drop line in this general location on every dive as the planes wings do not show on the depth sounder.  This placement ensures we protect the sensitive wings from the lead shot.




The second image is looking down on the plane. Again due to the planes poor sonar signal the edge detail is not strong but the plane is clearly detailed.