Video Survey Dive of the PB4Y Privateer in Lake Washington

Today our team dove on the wreck of the PB4Y Privateer resting in 150’ in Lake Washington. Scott Christopher and Geof Corriveau dove locating the plane and tying in. Upon finding the wreck they shot a small surface marker and Ben Griner and Greg Wilson dropped on the wreck behind them.

PB4YCockpitGlass.gifEach team spent twenty minutes on the plane followed by a 50% O2 decompression. Both teams used Ratio Decompression calculations independently calculating their own deco schedules based on actual average depths and run times. Viability on this dive was approximately 7-10’ and surface conditions were sunny and calm. In all it was a great day to be on the water. Marc Greenway and Shaun Gardner had the duty of captain and surface support today.


Outside and inside cockpit

This plane is in excellent condition despite failed recovery attempts by the navy following it being ditched. Four of its anti-aircraft guns are still in place and three of the four engines remain.