Diving on the wreck of a barge in Lake Washington

Side scan imagery of a new and large target showed what we thought was the wreckage of an old barge but we were not entirely sure so our team chose to dive the site. Ben Griner and Shaun Gardner dropped to 180’ to explore the site. It took 7 minutes of searching to find the wreckage and we spent a total of 25 minutes on the bottom. 


This is our dive profile.  This graph is accurate to 6".  The the changes you see at 60' and 30' represent a 2 foot change in hold depth the remainder of the graph is +/- 1 foot of target hold depth.


The wreckage appears to be that of an old wooden barge. The remaining cross members appear to be unharmed and are very large and impressive timbers. The vertical structure is badly burnt with 12”x12” beams completely burned through. The remaining structure appears to be the area of the barge that would have been under the water line. The outside rails have several 55 gallon drums secured to them and a fair amount of debris from the structure lies in the mud on the south side of the wreckage.