Side scan imagery in Lake Washington shows the wreck of a barge

Routine mapping of Lake Washington by side scan imagery gave the team a small but hard target. After obtaining imagery of several other larger targets we decided to go back and see what the object might be. We knew from early imagery that the target was very low to the ground since it did not cast much of a shadow. After multiple passes to clean-up the image we believed the target to be the remains of a barge. A recent dive has shown that that belief was correct and the target was at one time a barge that must have burned and sunk or been scuttled.


The original image taken using a range of 500' and a speed of 4.5 knots.




Barge2.gifThe second image was taken exactly perpendicular to the barge and shows the cross members of the structure. These are large beams sitting almost completely in the silt layer.

Barge3.gifThe last image was taken from just 20’ away and shows the side rails of the barge. If you look closely along the edges you can see 55 gallon metal drums that were secured to outside edges of the barge. The flat objects along the side are sheets of plywood or wood.