Scott Christopher and Marc Pyle dive the Harpoon

This Saturday Scott Christopher and Marc Pyle dove the PV-2 Harpoon located Lake Washington.  The plane stands vertically in the water; the nose buried up to the cockpit resting at 140 feet and the tail section rising to 120 feet.  Marc Greenway acted as Captain for this team. The team spent 20 minutes on the bottom with approximately 7 minutes spent searching from the drop line.



Cockpit windows resting at the mud line

On this dive the drop line was placed downhill and outside of the south wing. This wing tapers and at the tip is as much as 5’ off the bottom. The team passed under the wing a few times during the search without seeing it. Obviously visibility is still not great. Marc was shooting video on this dive with a new video camera and housing which seems to have worked flawlessly.