Identity of newest Minesweeper narrowed.

Over the last 10 months Puget Sound Divers has conducted a long series of exploration dives on the shipwreck labeled Minesweeper #3. Evaluation of this vessel began with side scan imagery followed by external survey and documentation. Once complete a series of penetration dives was conducted with most all below deck and superstructure areas explored. Despite the extensive survey clear and definitive identification had not been determined. Our research was presented to David Shirlaw an expert in maritime history and with David’s help our work was sent to historians worldwide.


Side scan image of YMS #3 - Now identified as either YMS 118, 124, or 311.

Dr. William Lafferty of Wright State University was able to confirm the identity of YMS#1 as the former research vessel “Healys #1” (Ex-YMS 416) and narrow the identity of YMS #3 to either YMS 118, 124, or 311. While information does exist in the public domain regarding the fate of some of these vessels the validity of some accounts has not been substantiated.

Recently, our work was published in SeaWaves Magazine along with side scan imagery of the YMS 416.