New Shipwreck found in Lake Washington

Puget Sound Divers is actively evaluating several potential targets in Lake Washington.  This weekend our team obtain side scan imagery of what appears to be an intact vessel. Below are the side scan images of the wreck.

NewBoat18-copy.gifThis image is looking down on the vessel.  Note the open hatches on the stern.  I am guessing that this was cut to access the engines prior to scuttling the vessel.


This image was taken from the side of the vessel.  The shadowing shows the main cabin area and pilot house.  The forward railing is visible with some type of boom or equipment item on the forward deck.  Looking closely at the stern mud line you will see the side scan passed under the vessel suggesting is largely rests above the bottom.

Survey dives will be conduced on the vessel over the next week.  Based on the side scan imagery obtain the vessel is estimated to be 55-62 feet in length and standing just shy of 25' above the mud layer.  Resting in 167' of fresh water this vessel is resting upright and appear to have the majority of its keel above the bottom.