PV2 Harpoon

Saturday, Marc Greenway, Laurynn Evans, and Scott Christopher set out on my boat to see one of the many relics resting on the bottom of Lake Washington. Greg Wilson generously volunteered to captain the boat for us and Ben Griner provided surface support. The weather on the surface was overcast, but the wind was light. This made the entry and exit to the water very easy. The plan was to spend 20-25 min on the plane and the about the same in deco to the surface. Greg dropped the line in a great spot. Visibility was SUPER for the lake, probably 15-20 feet, so there was no need to search for the plane as it was in plain sight upon descent. The great visibility allowed us to put into perspective the massive size and layout of this wreck. For those of you who don’t know the Harpoon sits nose down in the silt. The bottom is 140 ft and the top of the plane is at 118 ft. The tail section has fell off to the side, but with the great viz we had on Saturday we were able to see the entire plane. The cold fresh water oh Lake Washington as preserved this plane very well. We spent 22 minutes on the bottom exploring the plane from top to bottom. We then completed deco and surfaced to find that the overcast sky was replaced with sunshine. It was great to spend the day visiting this little piece of history and with friends. We spent a little time side scanning a new target. We found it on the depth sounder, but due to its location between a few large rocks, and resting on a very steep slope we had trouble getting an image on the side scan unit. We will try again this weekend. This is a large target, which that looks promising. Thanks to Laurynn, Marc, and Greg for a great day on the Lake