Side Scan Imagery of Cove 2 - West Seattle



This image is a side scan image taken by Shaun Gardner and Puget Sound Divers of Cove 2 in West Seattle.  This is a very popular dive site.

A Burton Side scan unit was utilized and deployed from the boat of Seattle's NAUI Technical Diving Instructor Scott Christopher.

You will note that the image shows the I-Beams, the Row Boat and log holding it in place as well as a plastic 55 gallon drum between the boat and the I-Beams.

Of interest to divers will be the angle of the log piles.  These piles are commonly used for navigation at depth between the boundary line separating the fishing area  from the diving area and the popular I-Beams.

If you look carefully along the edge of "Log Set 1" you will see the rope boundary line and the dots represent milk jugs and soda bottle floats.  You can actually make out the line as it arcs over to cove three. 

To assist with orientation: the solid black area is the bay side (Right side of Image) and the shore is to the left side of the image.

Divers wishing a higher resolution image should simply chose the "Contact the Team" Link in the navigation bar.  Give us a couple of days and we will send you a copy.  Furthermore, divers wishing to expand the mapping of local dive sites are encouraged to contact us and we will publish your maps, images, pictures, videos, etc.  Any diver wishing to contribute to the overall diving community in this way will be given full credit for their hard work.