Reasonable & Responsible Approach to Protecting our Waters

With spending much of my life in or underwater I am always interested in hearing an individual’s opinion on what is environmentally responsible. As building and development rapid expand in the Seattle area there is a constant debate around what should be done to ensure our local waterways are protected. The Puget Sound Region is predicted to have an additional 1 million homes in the next twenty years and those individuals should be able to experience the outdoor environment we love here in Seattle.

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Mike Vowels a well known local remodeler and President of Stewardship Remodeling. Mike has been an advocate for responsible building and water management for years. He has been able to identify cost effective and reasonable ways to reduce you impact on the environment around you. As builders like Mike and his team get their message out it you will see how “Being Green” is not just responsible but it makes complete sense and is easier to do than you think.

So take a minute and look at the Green Event he has put together and if you have time stop by and get a chance to relax and learn from a guy who really gets it.