Dive On Target 077

Last Sunday Shaun Gardner and Ben Griner dove on Target 077.  Long range sidescan imagery had indicated this was a tall vessel approximately 40' in length.  We were both surprised by the vessels actual size and pleased to see some of the object remaining on the vessel.  Target 077 appears to be a working vessel and possess a large crew cabin with kitchen that is separate from the large (for this size of vessel) bridge.  The wooden helm, brass compass, and cabin glass remain in tact.  We did not conduct significant penetration on this dive so access to the engine room was not attempted.  The exhaust is mid ship and based on the location of the prop and shaft we believe the engine is located under the mess area.


This image is a long range side scan of the target. Note the presence of another vessel just to the South. This wreck is located in the South end of Lake Washington and rests in approximately 110' fresh water. Overall the wreck is 40' in length with a 14' beam and sits upright approximately 15' off the bottom.








 The helm wheel is laying on the floor.










This image shows the the square bow with a single perpendicular section of wood that continues around the bow and joins with the keel.










This image shows the shadow of the prop.  One of the first areas investigated, the was much larger than anticipated for this size of vessel.