Explorers share their research

Scott Boyd and Jeff Carr, authors of the acclaimed Northwest Wreck Dives, have generously shared their research and hard work with Puget Sound Divers.  This group has spend a great deal of time and effort searching the Northwest for fun and interesting wrecks.  We all sat down and reviewed data sets to see if we could work together and minimize duplication of efforts.  Scott and Jeff were able to identify a series of targets our group has marked on long range side scan but has not explored.  Puget Sound Divers has 47 unexplored wrecks and debris fields located in the extreme South end of Lake Washington.  This area is of interest due to its proximity to the end of Boeing's Renton Runway.  John Sharps of Jaws Marine has also contributed heavily to the exploration of these sites.

  • Target #073 - "Atlantic City Scow" is a deteriorating wreck and described on page 91 of Northwest Wreck dives.
  • Target #074 - "Hauled Barge" is a wooden barge described with drawings on page 39 of their book.
  • Target #076 - Is another barge called "PA-d3 Barge".  This is a steel hulled barge with "PA-d3" written on the transom.  This wreck is described on page 38 of Northwest Wreck Dives.
  • Target #079 - Is the wreck of the "Sonny".  This wreck has some amazing photographs located on Scott's Emerald Sea Photographysite.  Images like these are very rare in Lake Washington.  This wreck is described on page 142 and 143 of Scott and Jeff's book.
  • Target #081 is the wreck of the "Boot", a small double ender and described on page 45.
  • Target #082 and #083 are the scattered remains of an old barge whose largest body of wreckage is lying sideways.
  • Target #086 is the wreck of the "Diamond Girl", a 35' motor sailor with diamond plat on the bow.  Wreck is described on page 66.
  • Target #241 - the wreck "Bloody Mary" a small wooden boat with mud up to it side rails.  I had originally discounted this as debris from a nearby wreck, hence its 200 series number usually used to describe wrecks to the west of Mercer Island.

The book Northwest Wreck Dives can be purchased here.