South Lake Washington Targets Identified

This past weekend Scott Boyd, Jeff Carr, and Michael Fitz dove on a series of targets located at the South end of Lake Washington. While the finds were not real exciting this active group of divers is quickly identifying unknown targets.


This weekend several targets were dove and imaged by side scan.

  • Target #072 – This is a battery sitting in a big crater. This end of the lake has water movement and it appears this has caused the erosion of the large crater. This site also confirms the ability of our long range mapping efforts and data sets to identify small targets.
  • Target #075 – The wreck of a square wood barge – Scott describes the wreck as “very square, very boring”.
  • Target #085 – This is a wood hulled barge much like the nearby wreck Target #074 "Hauled Barge"
  • Target #087 – This site is a pontoon work barge/raft lying upside down exposing its corrugated steel pontoons. The wreck is approximately 20’ long.
  • Target #089 – This target is an 18’ deck boat with fiberglass hull. The wreck was obviously scuttled.

This image is of Target #072 – The hard return in the middle is a battery sitting in what appears to be an eroded trench.

The below image taken by Scott Boyd of Emerald Sea Photography is of Target #089, an 18' deck boat.