Exploration of Target #185 (Large Barge)

Target #185 Lake Washington BargeTarget #185 is located North of the the Seattle NOAA offices in 154' of fresh water and is in the same area in which the PV2 Harpoon is located.  The exploration of this site has been a joint effort between Puget Sound Divers and Scott Boyd of Emerald Sea Photography and a co-author of Northwest Wreck Dives.  The image on the right is a sidescan image taken by Scott Boyd.

This is one of several barges in the area and while it is the second largest it may be the most intact.  Addtionally, since this wreck is listed in AWOIS it is possible that this site is one that is well described by another exploration team.  In the next few weeks we will reach out to that team to see if this indeed the site that they have already well described.