Imagery of sites listed as planes on charts - Site Scorpion and another barge.

Our team was recently conducting a series of dives on the PB4Y and PV2 Harpoon and during surface intervals imaged two low priority targets described as planes on NOAA Charts.  The Northern most target was originally thought to be a small barge on long range side scan imagery and this assessment was confirmed by Scott Boyd, co-author of Northwest Wreck Dives.

Initial imagery attempts of the Southern most wreck site showed returns that were difficult to interpret from long range and transom mount sidescan.  This weekend Puget Sound Divers imaged this site using a high resolution towfish from Scott Christopher's boat.  Two two seperate areas of interest were evaluated.  The first was the Scorption site and a target just 130' North.  The Northern target orginally gave an interesting return (see below) but more detailed imagery shows what appears to be a tight configuration of clay an rocks (also below).

North site - Inverse Grayscale with increased sensitivity Same target from different angle shows rocks and clay.