YMS Minesweeper Deck Plans

Located in Lake Washington are three YMS minesweepers.  Two of these vessels are very much intact.  Our team has been using the below deck plans to explore these three vessels over the last several years.  These deck plans are for YMS series 135-409.

Please note that these plans should be used only for general reference.  The vessels in Lake Washington have been modified following their military use and do not fully match the structural diagrams.  Additionally, the two groups conducting penetration dives on the newest minesweeper both experienced partial structural collapse.  The latest collapse was quite serious and could easily have been life threatening.   Both dives required a zero visibility exit from the vessel.

Penetration dives on the Lake Washington Minesweepers should not be undertaken.

The below files are high resolution PDF files:

Outboard Profile

Inboard Profile & Deck Plans

Main Deck, Forecastle, Chart House & Pilot House