Shilshole Wrecks with Coordinate

The wrecks of Shilshole are a great dive.  This is a little current sensitive but can be done on scooters just about any day.  To see all the wrecks a scooter and compass are a big help.

Omar: 47 Degrees 40'23.5907"N, 122 Degrees 25'23.1141"W

Dauntless: 47 Degrees 40'22.4355"N, 122 Degrees 25'22.7184"W

Tilted Barge: 47 Degrees 40'22.9399"N, 122 Degrees 25'18.9008"W

Deep Barge: 47 Degrees 40'26.3927"N, 122 Degrees 25'22.2711"W