Lake Washington & Lake Union Mapping Project Goes Live!

Underwater Mapping Project goes live!!

We are proud to announce the launch of the our online mapping, exploration and documentation project!! This is a cooperative project between Puget Sound Divers, Maritime Documentation Society and GUE Seattle.

If you visited the GUE Seattle or MDS booths at the Tacoma Dive & Travel expo, you would have had the chance to play with the real data and as promised, we are now launching all the data online with about 370 dive targets marked. (and thats just a start..)

As we get time and as more information becomes available, this mapping site will evolve to not only include exact coordinates, bathymetry data and side scanning data for all known and unknown targets, but also complete community provided documentation of all the targets!! The MDS dive teams and other local teams have all done extensive work on most of these targets and we will be linking up all the research text, video and photo content into the maps in time.

The important thing is; this is a COMMUNITY crowd sourcing project that allows EVERYONE to explore, research and help document all our dive sites of historical and ecological significance.

You can access full bathymetry data for Lake Union and Lake Washington, including a visual list of ALL the targets in both lakes.

To start, we ask that you request coordinates for unknown, unexplored and fragile targets. This will allow us to ping you after your exploration dive and get more information about the target and thus expanding the database through your help.

PLEASE give us feedback and if there are any errors or omissions or unknown targets that you wish to contribute to (with full credit).

You can find the online interactive mapping project page on the GUE-Seattle, Puget Sound Divers or Maritime Documentation Society web sites:

Using the map is pretty simple, you can easily browse the map with basic dive target filtering

Then you can zoom into specific targets and get details

And if we have side scanning data available you can enable Side Scan data:

And “Deep Zoom” into targets

Please note that SS data is currently ONLY available for Lake Union targets.. Ben Griner and Koos du Preez have spent a few weekends on Lake Union to gather the data and Ben created the mosaic and Koos did the map and it takes a lot of time!! We are busy working dilegently to upload SS data for lots of Lake WA targets as well.

Also, any UNKNOWN target coordinates will be freely available to EVERYONE. The only caveat is that we ask you to request these coordinates so we can keep track of and follow up with you after your dives to see what you found and if you have any video/photo evidence or documentation to link into the targets and of course give you FULL credit for your work.

So – enjoy and PLEASE let us know if you have any feedback, questions or suggestions..

*Important: All that we ask is if you use data from this project, at least give credit, where credit is due.. And when you dive targets, please supply your observational data and/or video/photographic links to our database.

Watch this space for super exciting development as we enahance and grow the datasets with media, video, photos and research materials..