Puget Sound Divers explore the 520 #2 wreck in Lake Washington

After sounding the hillside around the North side of the 520 floating bridge several small vessels were identified including one large hull. Sitting at 200’ this hull is made of very large timbers and is quite impressive in its construction.


Visibility on this dive was quite nice with lights penetrating approximately 10-15’. Ben Griner, Scott Christopher, and Marc Greenway spent 20 minutes on this wreck exploring inside and out. The stern section has broken open and the debris from this is either missing or lying under the silt. The bow rests on a large tree which still has its bark intact.

This is certainly a wreck worth diving once but due to its age and completely missing decking and structures there does not appear to be any identifiable markings. At one point Scott appear quite interested in something he found just behind the wreck but when Marc went to investigate Scott was simply admiring a Steelers ball cap someone had tossed overboard.


Of note on the imagery of this ship is a second smaller vessel just to the Southeast and barely visable on this image. To obtain this image the side scan was dropped very close to the bottom and tiled upward to allow us to cast a shadow up the hill. This type of imagery took a little trial and error to begin obtaining quality images.