Wreck of the Triton or Aquilo (Target #155)

Target-155-Triton-Aquilo.gifThis side scan image shows the remnants of a ship’s hull. This vessel has been imaged by InnerSpace Exploration and with the help of JAWS Marine they believe it belongs to either the steamer Triton or Aquilo.

Both vessels were quite similar and were both operated by the Anderson Steamboat Company. The Aquilo ran seven times daily from Madison Park to Houghton and the “Bay Route”. The Triton ran eleven times daily leaving Leschi Park for Medina, Bellevue and the “Scenic Route”

The Triton was built in 1909 at the Anderson yard at Houghton and is listed at 49 tons and 78’ in length. – Click here for more information.

The vessel proved elusive this day and after nine passes the team decided to move on to higher priority targets. Since this is a known vessel we will likely not image this area in the near future.