Ginnie Springs Dive

Ginnie Springs - Set-up Dive from Ben Griner on Vimeo.

This video is of a set-up dive we did in Ginnie Springs. This dive set-up our second dive and was used to set the entrance line and drop a back-up scooter and stages for Scott and Ben. Entry was made at Devil's ear. Flow was mid to mid-high of normal. The second dive was to the Hinkel Restriction.

This video starts at the equipment drop approximately 100' short of the Bone Tunnel junction with the mainline. You will see the video pan to the right at the Bone Tunnel Junction (Second Pan to the right on the video).

This dive was a conservative, easy swim up the main line. No jumps. 1/6ths on this dive. Yes - for you Fl locals this may seem like a lot of work for the Hinkel. For us this was a good execution dive.

Week of Cave Diving with Sam Meacham

Several members of Puget Sound Divers spent 9 days in Mexico diving the caves of the Mayan Riviera with world renown explorer Sam Meacham. Upon arriving in Akumal Mexico; Scott Christopher, Ben Griner, and Shaun Gardner stopped in at Zero Gravity for a presentation by Sam covering his exploration efforts and his passion for the people of the Yucatan.SamShaun.gif

Sam Chatting with Shaun

We were all blown away by the warm welcome received from Zero Gravity, its owners and local divers. Having the opportunity to visit with this elite group of explorers was an opportunity of a life time and their passion for the work they do is contagious. On top of it all these guys are running an exceptional business and did an outstanding job of coordinating equipment, dives, and the many teams diving with them last week. If you find yourself diving the Yucatan, Zero Gravity is a must.

SamScott.gifSam and Scott getting ready for the day

We all new Sam was an accomplished explorer but it wasn’t until we typed his name into Google that we realized he is too humble to give you the whole story. Everywhere we went Sam was openly welcomed and local divers from every agency and certification level actively sought him out to visit. Getting to spend a week hearing his passion for exploration and the water quality of the Mayan Riviera was truly a privilege and gave our team a renewed since of pride in our own goals.

If you have a minute you can watch a BBC special filmed with Sam by clicking here “Wild Discovery: Secrets of the Maya Underworld”. Sam was also instrumental in the filming of the Discovery Channel’s “Planet Earth”. A new special airs this weeked on CNN International and links to this post will be added once it is placed on the internet.

Take a minute to visit the exploration sites: CINDAQ and Groupo de Exploracion Ox Bel Ha