Wreck of the Falcon

Today Puget Sound divers Bob and I explored one of the old Mosquito fleet ships that was sunk in about 200ft of water. Located north of 520 the weather conditions were great. After a short descent the wreck was quickly located and the down line tied in. At a length of about 80ft the all wood boat is in good condition upright on the bottom with a list to the port side. When approaching from the bow one should use caution that they do not swim into an overhead environment. A roof extends forward and with limited viz, which is common, you could be far inside before you noticed.


This side scan image shows the bench on the back deck and raised superstructure.  In the shadow you can see the open roof extending forward.  This raised deck structure has cast shadows over the lower edge of the hull preventing imagery of the portions of the bow.

We spent twenty five minutes on the wreck before returning to the surface with decompression stops and gasses consisting of 50% and 100%. This is a wonderful wreck and worth future dives.