Lake Washington Wreck Exploration of the "Hauler"

Today PugetSound Divers dove on the wreck temporarily called the "Hauler".  This is a ship of unknown type that appears to be a natural wreck in which limited salvage attempts were made.  This was the teams 8th dive on the wreck after it was found as part of a team effort with John Sharps of JawsMarine

The goals for today's dive was to attempt to explore more of the equipment remaining onboard as well as to continue looking for identifying information.  Team members Ben Griner, Bob Bailey, and Scott Christopher spent 25 minutes on the wreck followed by a 100% O2 Decompression at 20'.  Marc Greenway was our captain today and Shaun Gardner provided surface support.

Visibility was the best we have seen in months with an approximate average of 7'-10'.  As luck would have it we were able to explore the exposed single screw on the outside of the ship as well as access to the engine compartment below the first deck.  The engines remain which is rare of many of our local wrecks as does much of the engine room equipment.  The team explored a below deck restroom with mirror and washbasin remaining intact and a large open equipment room in the bow.

During this dive we were able to find potentially identifying information for this vessel which is currently being researched in attempts to verify our findings.  Hopefully, we can soon publish the name and history of this wreck.

Stay tuned for sidescan imagery and video.