Side Scan of FG-1D Corsair debris field in Lake Washington

This image shows the location of the FG-1D Corsair in Lake Washington.  Located just off shore with access from shore for divers this site is primarily a debris field.  Most of the artifacts associated with this plane remain scattered throughout the debris field and while a popular dive site the notoriously poor visibility of Lake Washington has protected this wreck.


New Wreck found in Lake Washington

This image is of Target 420.  It is located in 200' of fresh water and is in the area where we are looking for a historically significant wreck.  Despite a close pass with a towfish in the top image the shadow is not as strong as hoped.  There is clearly deck structure but the layout is not fully clear.  The image is showing a hard roof remains intact and is reflecting strongly.  Significant erosion at the stern is evident from the gently lake currents moving the mud. 

The other two images were taken to show other structural components.  The second image shows a hull shape similar to a large sailboat and the bottom image shows what may be a mast that has collapsed forward.



Wreck of the Fresno in Lake Washington

This is image is a sidescan image of the whaling ship Fresno.  The Fresno caught fire while at dock  in 1923 and was a total loss.  The ship was scuttled in 180 feet of water in Madenbauer Bay and broke apart either during the sinking or, more likely, impacting with the bottom.

This image was taken with a hull mounted transducer in rough conditions.  You can see the waves in the rocky hillside at the top of the image.

Dive on unknown target finds home made raft

Chris Borgen and Eric Foreman dove on an unknown target that had proven difficult to image.  This target lies between two rises in the Lake bottom which prevented detailed imagery from a tow fish.  These images were taken with a hull mounted unit.

In this first image you can see the two divers approaching the target.  No bubbles are present as both divers are on rebreathers.  Target depth is 180' fresh water.


This next image is of the same target using a hull mounted side scan.


Diving the wreck of the tug boat "Louie" in Lake Washington

 Here are a few photo's from a dive on the tug "Louie" that Chris Borgen and Erik Foreman did a couple months back. The visibility always seems bad in this particular spot, even for this shallow wreck. This is an enjoyable dive, easily accessible from shore. Photos courtesy of Chris Borgen.

Bow of the Louie

Engine of the LouieWheel house of the Louie