Shilshole Wrecks with Coordinate

The wrecks of Shilshole are a great dive.  This is a little current sensitive but can be done on scooters just about any day.  To see all the wrecks a scooter and compass are a big help.

Omar: 47 Degrees 40'23.5907"N, 122 Degrees 25'23.1141"W

Dauntless: 47 Degrees 40'22.4355"N, 122 Degrees 25'22.7184"W

Tilted Barge: 47 Degrees 40'22.9399"N, 122 Degrees 25'18.9008"W

Deep Barge: 47 Degrees 40'26.3927"N, 122 Degrees 25'22.2711"W


West Point Barges - Puget Sound with Coordinates

These barges are a popular dive site here in Seattle.  They are intact and while there is not much life growing on them they provide protection from the current and attract large fish life.  This site is a lot of fun on a scooter.

North Barge: 47 Degrees 38'24.9093"N, 122 Degrees 25'37.8319"W

South Barge: 47 Degrees 38'24.8290"N, 122 Degrees 25'36.4101"W 

These images were created with NOAA bathymetry data and Global Mapper.

Alki Fishing Reef - Bathymetry Image

This images show the Alki fishing reef.  This is a popular dive site in West Seattle and is easily accessible by scooter or boat.  The reef is full of life and due to the large boulders used to create the reef there are plenty of hiding places for large marine life.

The image was created using Global Mapper and Bathymetry Data from NOAA.

Underwater Forest in Lake Washington

The below image is of an area listed as an underwater forest.  Most of these areas contain cut timber that sank during early logging efforts along the lake and can often be found where log booms were stored for shipment.  While most of the timber in this image has been cut you can still see shadowing from standing or partially standing trees.

Side scan data of Leschi wall in Seattle

This image is of a popular training site in Lake Washington.  Access is from shore between the swimming dock at Madrona Park.  This site has many rock faces and drops quickly from 70' to 205'.  The erosion channel you see is just to the north of the speed warning buoy.  To the south the bottom becomes sediment slopes at around 180' but to the North rock face continues to 200' before becoming a flat mud landscape.  With rare days of ambient light below 70', very silty rock face and bottom, rapid drops, and vertigo inducing water color this makes for a very good technical diving training site.