Side Scan Imagery of the Valiant

Below is the side scan pass of the Valiant in Lake Washington. The image is wavy due to rough surface conditions during the imaging. Of note are is the large log to the south (right) of the plane. Divers diving this site from shore often run into this log and then navigate back to the plane.Valiant.gif

This image was taken shooting up slope and hits the plane head-on giving a difficult picture.  We dove the site to verify the image was indeed the Valiant.

Wreck of the Valiant in Lake Washington

This navy trainer is located in just 110’ which has made it a popular dive. The plane is small and does not show up well on a depth sounder which has caused divers to attempt to drop very close to the plane. This plane is easily accessible from shore by scooter and due to the sensitivity of this wreck that is the access our team encourages.


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My first dive on this wreck was in the summer of 2006 by scooter. Since that dive more than 15 dives by our team have been conducted on this wreck. Our more recent dives have been to video the condition of the plane. Due to material shortages during WWII this plane is made of wood and canvas and is very sensitive. It appears that the wing structures are rapidly deteriorating. Members of both SCRET and Puget Sound Divers are concerned that some of this damage is due to the plane being accessed by boat and by individuals attempting to avoid decompression obligations.

It is the stance of our team that the plane should be accessed from shore or by the use of a drop line with the shot placed at a minimum of 50’ from the wreck site. This is a small plane and even with a short search pattern you will have sufficient time to view the wreck. If attempting shore access you will likely encounter a slight deco obligation when using Ratio deco profiles. If you are not yet tech certified give us a call. We would much rather train you than have you dive this wreck on a time crunch.