Ginnie Springs Dive

Ginnie Springs - Set-up Dive from Ben Griner on Vimeo.

This video is of a set-up dive we did in Ginnie Springs. This dive set-up our second dive and was used to set the entrance line and drop a back-up scooter and stages for Scott and Ben. Entry was made at Devil's ear. Flow was mid to mid-high of normal. The second dive was to the Hinkel Restriction.

This video starts at the equipment drop approximately 100' short of the Bone Tunnel junction with the mainline. You will see the video pan to the right at the Bone Tunnel Junction (Second Pan to the right on the video).

This dive was a conservative, easy swim up the main line. No jumps. 1/6ths on this dive. Yes - for you Fl locals this may seem like a lot of work for the Hinkel. For us this was a good execution dive.

PV2 Harpoon - Lake Washington

PV2 Harpoon in Lake Washington - Another visit from Ben Griner on Vimeo.

We dive regularly on the planes in Lake Washington and this dive we ran more video to document the planes condition and any changes we see from year to year. This plane nosed directly into the mud and is stuck there vertically. The tail section is lying next to it in the muck with the bottom at approximately 145' fresh water.

Wreck of the PB4Y Privateer resting in Lake Washington

PB4Y Privateer resting in Lake Washington from Ben Griner on Vimeo.

Today was yet another great dive on this amazing wreck. Our goal today was to document the cockpit glass and two side turrets for comparison to previous video. This plane rests in 154' freshwater just off sandpoint.

For full HD click the video title and watch this video on vimeo.