Current Exploration Efforts

Puget Sound Divers is a group of like minded explorers.  Unlike other groups this is not an exclusive team or a club.  Any explorer interested in participating is welcome.  The equipment owned by members is frequently used to assist other exploration efforts who seek open information exchange.

As the long running exploration projects have moved into a new phase a few key individuals are actively moving the projects forward.  Much of the current work is focused on pushing technology advances, searching for small and deep wrecks, and data management.  This type of work is exceptionally time consuming and the diving particularly difficult.  Additionally, far more time is spent above the water searching and reviewing side scan data than is actually spent diving.



 Current Exploration Group




Founding Members

Puget Sound Divers was founded by a group of friends with a passion for exploration and discovery.  Starting in 2004 this group of friends began training and diving together with the ultimate goal of searching for and exploring new wrecks.

Through thousands of dives and many long winter days perfecting searching techniques, significant contributions have been made to the understanding of local maritime history.  Like most true exploratory efforts these projects consumed virtually all available time and money for this group and eventually life and other interests intervened. 

Profiles of each of the founding members can be found here.




Founders of Puget Sound Divers